Stone Art Studios

Jamey Leone, Design and Fabrication of Fine Stone, Tile and Glass

Custom Art and the Studio
Have something special in mind?...  We have a full service stone workshop/studio that can create all of your stone needs. All pieces are hand worked to your specifications.   We specialize in:
Natural Stone: Trim, Borders, Columns, wall panels, focal pieces
Glass:  Custom Trim, Borders, Column inserts, mosaic decorator art, and stand alone pieces.

Cement:  Decorative cement plaster panels, 

Artwork:  By brush, chisel, or glass.
Restoration and Maintenance
Bring life back to your project... or just keep it looking fresh.
Getting the job done... Name it, I'll tile it to yours or the highest industry standards.  Inquire about upcoming openings and talk to me about your project to receive an installation quote.  
Material Selection

Choosing the Right material for the job...  I like to consider tile the most permanent part of any space.  If done properly tile can create an amazing blend of form, function and beauty.   We create tile palettes specifically for you based upon the following factors:


Strength and Durability-  The right tile for you should perform well not only today, but for the lifetime of your project.

Size and Proportion- Proper Tile size should complement the space.  Most projects require a range of tile options.  Large formats are usually used for the field and coverage, natural stone for transitions, borders and visually structural components, and mosaics for focal points and accents.

Texture-  Rough or smooth.   The right texture of your tile can create dramatic effects.  Rough veneers give the viewer a sense of strength, while smooth suggests refinement. 

Sheen-  Light plays a role.  Same as with texture, the way light is reflected off the surface of the tile can affect the appearance of your space.  I like to use low sheen selections for the the floors, and base of walls.  They also go well as the structural components.  The the more shine the more refined, or elegant the finished product appears.
Color-  More than any other factor, color sets the tone or creates the mood of the room.  Contrasting color pallets are vibrant and lively, while monochromatic color schemes present a soothing, uniform statement.  

Let our team select quality tiles based upon your inspiration.  We create a specific tile palette for you and your project to fulfill your needs and design.   Upon approval tiles are shipped directly to you.

Construction Documents
Getting on the same page...This often starts as a hand drawn sketch of your work to include conceptual drawings of the functional as well as focal points of the project.  From there, we can then draft scale drawings or models of work to be completed.
Design Planning and Consultation
We want to hear from you...Tell me in your own words what your looking to do.  From there we can discuss it and develop a framework to complete your project on time and within budget. 

Services We Offer: